The Challenge

Social Media and Google own your customer journey - and when people do find your content they don't usually stick around...

40 mins

Average time spent per day on Facebook

20+ searches

Average number of Google sessions per day

20 seconds

Your average page dwell time, post-acquisition

keith walker nme felix 2

Felix is quick, easy and great. The response blew us away: our audience engagement doubled overnight.

Keith Walker, Digital Director @ NME

Hello Felix

Don't send them back to Facebook, take back control of your audience journey...

Max Dwell Times

Generate deeper engagement with all your best content, at the point of audience acquisition

Effective Discovery

Create more opportunities for broader content interaction and commercial goal paths

Ai Automated

Felix has zero editorial overhead: user experiences are 100% Ai-driven and programmatic

One Line of Code

Felix is delivered right into your existing templates: no extra dev costs and total brand control

Index Everything

Felix activates all of your content, regardless of where it lies. Deliver content experiences drawn from...

  • Multiple brand sites
  • Brand social feeds
  • 3rd party content
  • Ad and promo platforms
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  • Index Everything
  • For Categories & Events

    Felix enables you to spin up new content engagement environments quickly, on a per-event (eg: 'Glastonbury' or 'World Cup') or per-category basis (eg: 'Cloud Computing' or 'Digital Marketing Tips')...

    • Via single line of code
    • Fully automated UIs
    • Provisioned remotely
    • Direct into your existing templates
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  • For Categories & Events
  • Immersive Interfaces

    Felix delivers a range of responsive UIs, designed for maximum content engagement, discovery and dwell time...

    • Optimised for mobile / desktop
    • Pre-packaged for rapid deployment
    • Fit for brand templates
    • Choose from range of Uis
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  • Immersive Interfaces
    • Goals and Metrics

      Felix helps improve your traffic performance by reducing bounce rates and generating more pages-per-view...


      Reduce High-Bounce Traffic


      Increase Engaged Traffic