Yes! All in the name of super-engagement (and grey rainy Mondays), we have some cool new things to help with your content work…

They are:

New Pricing!

By popular demand, we’ve changed our price plans. You’ll see they’re all now in $$$, which ought to mean more bangs for your buck. Also, we’ve introduced a new ‘Solo’ plan at $9.95 a month, which we hope represents damned good value – and makes it a bit easier to kick on with Felix.

New Stuff!

We’ve added the following to make format creation and content sharing easier and more intuitive…

🛩️  Image Autopilot

When you now import articles and feeds, Felix will automatically add relevant new images to your videos and stories, drawn from our royalty-free Unsplash library. This does two things: i) it means your formats are created faster, and with less hassle; ii) it means your formats will always be made the first time, without you needing to go back in and tweak your images to fully render everything.

From  Story Downloads

Lots of our users asked for this, and now you’ve got it! Just like your video and audio formats, you can now download your Felix Story formats, so they’re easier to share across Social Media.

🤣  GIFs

If you want to have more fun with your videos and stories, you can now add GIFs. Just hit ‘Edit’ for the content you want to add them to, and then ‘Change Image’ – you’ll now see a tab for GIFs… and you can grab something from GIPHY. (Warning: you may lose yourself for a while in there, it’s a wormhole!)

🖍️  Start From Scratch

A simple but useful addition for content creators who want to ‘build their own’ formats, without needing to plug in an article or feed. This is great for when you already have a bunch of other ready-rolled content assets that you want to promote. You can now create a special ‘one-off’ teaser by hitting the ‘Create Content’ button and choosing the second option. From there, you’ll be asked for a title for your formats, and then you can add all your images and text snippets manually.

From Add One Article

This one’s been around for a while, but I thought I’d mention it again. If you’re not working with a bulk article feed, you can now plug your source content in one article at a time. Again, just hit ‘Create Content’ and go from there.

Mo’ Help!?

We’ve also created a bunch of walk-throughs to help you on your way.

Here’s one on adding GIFs and Unsplash images. Here’s one on how to create and add a Felix article discovery ‘Collection’ to your page footer templates (to enable your audiences to find more of your great content, increase your page view per-session, etc).

Here’s how to add your blog/site newsfeed to Felix, so that all of your content is instantly added the moment you publish it at the source. And, if you just want a big old overview on what Felix does, we’ve got one for that too.

Most Hunted!

OK, this one’s all about us, but I wanted to mention that we’ve been trending on Product Hunt – mainly thanks to folks like you. If you like what we’re doing, then we’d sure appreciate sharing with your friends!

Felix AI - Turn your blog posts into videos, stories and audio clips. | Product Hunt Embed

Other News and Views…

Finally, if you’re reading this one the way to or from work, or maybe over a lunchtime sandwich, and you need a spot of light entertainment, then here’s a couple of recent posts from the Felix editorial desk…

Here’s our top five ‘Ai-Lite’ apps for helping with content creation – including some natty new things for research, creativity and engagement and audience acquisition.

This one’s all about the creative editorial process and what we think robots are good for. (Hint: we don’t think Ai is going to take our jobs any time soon, but it is great for time-saving, idea generation,  creative research and enagement.)

This one’s all about our adventure to date on Product Hunt, and may be useful if you’re also doing a startup (and wondering how to generate an audience). It includes some interesting insights and stats on how PH compares to our other acquisition channels, plus a few tips on how to make PH work best for you.

This one’s all about audience engagement and how a few simple tidy-ups can boost your on-page performance – particularly for publishers and anyone who relies on advertising to generate their revenue.

Hope you like.

Do hit us up in the comments below if you’d like to see other new stuff…