How do content publishers break their ‘engagement loop’ with Social Media? Facebook owns the customer journey (and the data, and the ad spend). It’s time to take some of it back…

It all depends on what’s being measured. And what’s being measured more often than not is the effectiveness of a page.

Pages are out. Download it now. Content experiences are in…

Some snippets:

How can it be that newsrooms – who are now armed to the teeth with excellent analytics tools like Chartbeat, and Newswhip – are still struggling to put in place effective measures that grow the overall value of their product, for both readers and advertising partners?

We think it’s because they’re too focused on the value of the ‘page’ – and that this is the wrong thing to measure. And, further, that measuring the things that really matter is hard to do when your main unit of production is something as simple and entrenched as small, oblong asset that fits nicely into a browser or an app interface.

The key question is: does an effective audience acquisition strategy (from other digital platforms) deliver an effective brand and product development strategy?

The ‘engagement loop’ and a rigid page format fails to use or monetise a publisher’s greatest asset – its back catalogue of (related) content. We feel that this is a major stumbling block to both publisher innovation and commercial success.