Fill your ears! The new Felix podcast is called CONTENT MAKERS.

Over the following weeks I’ll be talking to a bunch of true legends in the creative, content and publishing industries – asking them all about how they started out, what’s changed in their life and practice, what challenges they’re facing in today’s world of crazy, what makes for good work, and generally what makes them tick.

It’s going to be a lot of fun. Not least because it gives me the chance to sit down and talk shop with some great friends. All of them have influenced me and Felix in different ways. Three common threads: they’re all top of their games; they care passionately about their work; and they all have an amazing amount of great advice on the craft of creativity.

First up is Doug Kessler of leading creative B2B tech agency Velocity. We’ve called it ‘PLAY!’, because that’s what Doug is all about.

“…if you care about you do, and if you can make them care about you, then the use of tech becomes awesome.”


Tune in for… Doug as a suit on Madison Avenue (a few moons ago)….. The joys of B2C advertising (redacted)….. Why fun matters (always)….. And research (ditto)….. Why being a geek really helps (he’s a big one)….. Giving a shit (he does)….. What’s an agency for nowadays (existential)….. What it’s like to crack the code of a story (amazing)….. What old, true principles still hold true (some pearlers)….. The thrill of feedback loops (Dave likes it!)…..

AndGetting different disciplines in the room (essential)….. The constraints of early decisions in the creative process (good and bad)….. The importance of a ‘galvanising story’ (a quest)….. Why ‘play’ is great (it just is)….. The guilty pleasure of writing little data sheets (Doug in downtime)….. Dealing with the pace of change (fast and slow)….. The drive to tell stories in new ways (shiny is good)….. Where ideas come from (PLAY!)….

AndDennis Bergkamp (much bonding and tears of joy).


You can follow Doug on Twitter here, and Velocity here. I recommend it. Always insightful and fun.

Thanks to Doug for his time on this one – and all his support and feedback to date on Felix. (We’ve already introduced at least x2 Doug features.)

Hope you enjoy : )