Last week Taboola and Outbrain, the big guys in the native advertising space, merged together to ‘take on Facebook and Google.’

Whilst Taboola has one or two content / newsfeed style consumer products, the ‘take down statement is obviously all about offering brands a bigger vehicle for their advertising spend. Both vendors boast impressive numbers – for revenue and ad performance – but these waters are murkier than the social media display ads that pop up in your newsfeed.

Debate has raged for years as to whether a Taboola feed stuffed with third party content from diet tips bloggers and PPI claims companies adds any value to the user experience at the New York Times. One thing it does do, however, is generate large amounts of cash for publishers – and regardless of the effect that native advertising has on their brand, these cheques are now a cornerstone of their revenue profile.

But there are alternatives ways to generate more bangs per buck per user. Here’s a short video from our Roger on the subject. NB: it involves the removal of ads on page, not more of the stuff.

What does the Taboola & Outbrain merger mean for publishers?

TaboolaBrain, Content Engagement and a Different Way to Monetise Your Audience

Posted by Felix on Wednesday, October 9, 2019


What’s your take? Bin the ads and double down on a cleaner, better UX and more engagement? Or, stuff your pages with more of the ad stuff and max out the value of flighty traffic?