At Felix we really care. Right now we’re a bit concerned about the number of content publishers who are getting into tangles with long term lovers like Facebook.  So, we’re publishing a new five point advisory plan for healthier long term partner relationships. As follows…

1. Avoid hooking up with partners that don’t share

Whenever you get together with a partner, it’s nice to get some good love and learnings back from them. Beware of folks that don’t really seem to know what’s going on with their stuff – and who don’t let you know what they’re up to, who they hang out with, or who they are sending your way.  

2. When you go to bed with a partner, make sure they practice safe sex

When your stuff is mingling with their stuff, especially when over at their place, make sure their stuff is clean. Or at least not fake. Fake and unclean things make you look bad and take quite a long time to clean up properly.

3. Keep those partners at arm’s length who don’t hold your interests dear

When you share and give stuff to them, try to make sure they’re acting in your best interests. Remember, some folks like to take advantage – using your stuff to look good and make money for themselves. Things feel way better when they give you something back.  

4. Never (ever!) marry a crazy partner

When you rely on a partner, make sure they’re not the kind that changes their mind on a whim. We heard a recent case where a large, well known partner really messed around with their whole look, feel, kit and kaboodle – like, totally unannounced – and it completely trashed the relationship.

5. Go for nice partners

They may not be the coolest or the edgiest kind of partner, but those partners who look out for their friends and family tend to make the best long term bets. We suggest you avoid those that are overly possessive and kind of foggy in their dealings with you. Tell tale signs that you’re with this kind of a partner can include: big blue thumbs; sudden appearances before select committees; and blog posts about them like this one.

That said, if you’re currently with a questionable partner, then our most important advice is to wean yourself off them a little and focus more of your love and attention on yourself.  We have strong evidence to suggest that once you’ve got yourself in better shape then other partners – even ones that are prepared to spend money on you – will soon be interested.