Here’s a guest post that was published on the always great What’s New in Publishing last week.

It’s a simple rant opinion on how publishers should stop bemoaning the big platforms and start copying them instead. Here’s a snippet…

Publishers ought to look to Facebook not as an imposter, but as something of a mentor.  Publishers have been stuck for far too long with a narrow page-level view of the world – as a basic unit of measurement, as a user interface, a set of conventions for a user journey and as an advertising delivery mechanism.  This is broken.  The world no longer wants to use and consume content within the realms of a portrait oblong block – and we’ve long since run out of space to slap any more ads on. 

It also contains some data from the new Felix environments over at Ti Media. More of which you can see here… (What’s that!? Audience engagement DOUBLED …overnight!!!!?)

Enjoy! : )