As per last week’s post about Felix’s overall technology direction, here’s a look at our near-term roadmap.

We’re sharing this information because a) we think you’d like to know; b) now that it’s in the public domain, this makes it concrete – we kind of have to do it; and c) deciding to make it public forces us to have the right kinds of conversations about priorities and resources.

That said, it’s pretty straightforward.  Here are the things we’ll be doing over the next three months (or so) to cut that mustard…

Expand our UI library (AKA our ‘interface engine’)

What it is:  we will be expanding the number of front-end UIs that we make available to customers – for both mobile and widescreen.  Think of this as a ‘mini App Store’ for Felix UIs.

Why: to allow customers greater flexibility and choice; to enable different formats that allow for more harmony with our customers’ current UIs and brands; to help customers do more radical things with their user experience, more quickly.

Deliver an ad-powered version of Felix

What it is:  err…. A version of Felix that contains (good) ads.  These ads will feature in graceful, non-intrusive ways.

Why: to give our customers an additional revenue stream (we won’t be keeping all the ad dollars for ourselves, as far as possible we want to pass all the extra $$ on to our customers).

Tighter integration with 3rd party analytics services

What it is: basically, tighter integration with 3rd party (other than Google Analytics) analytics services.

Why:  we already integrate seamlessly with GA – what this one is about is integrating with other specialist, industry-specific analytics tools, so that customers can see even more of the goodness that Felix is generating.

Deliver the full Felix backend Admin experience

What it is: an administration interface for Felix, where users will be able to modify configurations such as… their Felix UI (for tweaking styling elements like fonts, colours, bubbles, cards, etc); content configurations (topic optimisation, etc). In addition, this new admin experience will provide access to support, how-tos, knowledge base, etc, and – of course – billing.

Why: because it’s the sensible thing to do.

Watch more Boca Juniors vs River Plate on YouTube

What it is:  something we do on Sundays, on the iPad, on the couch.

Why: because classic football on YouTube is the best, especially the superclasicos.

That’s it for now. Quite enough to keep us busy, anyway.  Let us know if you’d like to see other things on there….