Super-Engagement for Content Publishers

Felix transforms publisher content into super-engaging formats and experiences - giving you cut-through on social media and click-through on your pages...


Audio Stories Collections


Cut-Through on Social:
Share automated content promos

Click-Through on Pages:
Embed new formats on articles

Double Page Views:
Dive into content discovery collections


Automagically transform your content into an array of new, engaging formats that keep audiences clicking, swiping, and tuning in for more...

Your Source Content

Felix automatically ingests and indexes your articles the moment they’re published

Felix Transformations

Felix’s Ai-Engine processes your content and transforms it into an array of rich new, embeddable formats

Super-Engaged Pages

...via the delivery of swipeable stories, audio summaries, snackable video, article snippets and content discovery collections

“Felix is quick, easy and great. The response blew us away: our engagement doubled overnight.”

Keith Walker, Digital Director

Get going and double your engagement today...


Felix turns high value, time-poor audiences into a focused, super-engaged following. Pretty much instantly.

Stephen Scott, Head of Marketing at DVV Media

I was sceptical at first but this worked like charm.  Super easy to use.

Founder & CEO, Wificoin Inc

Awesome tool for any content team. Creates beautiful content 😍

Lachlan Kirkwood, Founder of ClickThrough

Felix is an engagement magnet. We’ve quadrupled our performance in quick time. It’s now a key part of our acquisition work.

Jez Walters, Publisher at Sovrn

More Bang For Buck

Make your content sweat more productively: generate new content formats, make your pages more engaging, make your Social Media stick.

Effective Engagement

Generate more engagement on Social Media and your target pages. Keep your traffic hooked - give users more to click, swipe, view and listen to.

Ai Automated

Do it fast. Zero editorial or development overhead. New content formats and page experiences are 100% Ai-driven, programmatic and blazing fast.


Easy to Create & Share

New formats can be shared on social, or embedded into your existing page templates. No extra production costs. Everything is automated.

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